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ljinvitecodes's Journal

LJ Invite Codes
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A community to share LJ codes in. It's simple: you need a code, we give it to you.

Well, there's a routine that we like so we can get our codes back.

NOTICE: Rules have been slightly modified as of OCTOBER 25. Please make sure to read them carefully. You could be ignored [coughBANNEDcough] if you do not follow the rules.

1. You make a post/comment with the username you'd like and why you should have it. Only one journal request per person. If your friends want one, have them come to us.

2. You get comments back-- hopefully one will be from a kind community volunteer who will create the account for you.

3. This kind person will withhold your password and info for a week-- so s/he can make sure to get the code that will be generated for you. Look at it as you paying us back for the code we gave you.

4. After that, s/he will email you all your info, so you can change your password, email, etc, and s/he will never bother you again.

5. If, after a week of having received your info, your account is still unchanged (no changed password, new email, or entries), we will reclaim the journal as "abandoned" and give out that username to someone who will use it.

6. If you make another request to another community, we will not make your journal, if we find out. AND you will be banned. Thank you.

Them's the rules. Easy peasy.

dolletCo-Mod E-Mail Her.
ceramicstars Co-Mod E-Mail Her.

LJ Invite Codes was created by olivetree.